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So Tuesday morning I went to the Starbucks closer to school, and ordered my usual iced grande skim latte and a spinach wrap.  I opened my wallet, and realized that the night before to go to the movie, I had … Continue reading

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Hello to the snow.  Early release.  That.  Is what i am talking about. We are working our way into some prime TV season after a long dry spell.  Heroes, 24, Lost, Amazing Race, and Survivor.  Hooray!  I really do like … Continue reading

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Ok, ok, I haven’t posted my inagural adventures yet.  Ali is doing a good job.  I promise it is coming! For example, if there a a little snow day coming my way I am all over that for an activity. … Continue reading

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My feet are killing me, but my spirits are high.  An endurance challenge getting down to my watching spot at AB’s office.  Read the chronology on Twitter. A little time to rest, then on to the Creative Coalition Party tonight.  … Continue reading

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These are exciting times, no?  The Inauguration buzz is all over town.  I’m off to shop and then go help AB with the gift bags for the Kentucky Ball. Through nothing but luck and good friends and family I’ve got … Continue reading

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There is frenetic pace happening: meetings during my planning periods, trips to the bank, back to school to pick things up, emails phone calls, a funeral at church this coming Saturday, frontals to change, vestry tonight.  Leaving the house at … Continue reading

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The Altar Guild at church has responsibility for all the vestments, linens and shiny things that adorn the church.  Candles, wafers, flowers, the whole smash is our responsibility.  We have a good system of passing on the leadership.  Every six … Continue reading

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